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Omaha wedding planning

All of us here at Wedding Essentials have been going gaga over this adorable surprise engagement the bride shared with us. It sounds like heaven: sweet proposal, sweet cupcakes and sweet surprise after the big ask. Here what Brittany said:

fiance and I are getting married in Omaha on September 15, 2012. We are both originally from Omaha, and we were high school sweethearts before we each departed to different cities for school and work. Our families still live locally, and thus we will return to Omaha for our upcoming wedding. I think we have quite the love story, but I may be slightly biased ;)We were engaged in April 2011 in New York City. I had always told my now fiance that when I got engaged I wanted it to be documented, so he hired a photographer who was present when he surprised me at my favorite NYC bakery, Magnolia The photographer also joined us at a nearby restaurant where I was surprised to find out that my fiance had flown my parents into NYC to be with me on my special day! for sharing Brittany!

Maybe in some distant corner of a galaxy that light years from earth, Klingons get married every day. But it rare that any marry on earth yet that what J and O did Saturday evening in a ballroom at the Ramada Inn on S. 72nd. Although dressed in Klingon clothing and portraying fictional characters from the Star Trek TV series and motion pictures, J and O as Julie Powell and Kevin Carroll by the earthly friends, were really getting married.

It didn hurt that the ceremony took place in the midst of OSFEST, the Omaha Science Fiction Festival which occurs annually, and that meant the hundred or so witnesses included a Fitflop Lunetta Danmark very young Anakin Skywalker, the Cheshire Cat, a couple of Dr. Who officers from the United Federation of Planets, Speed Racer and several enthusiasts of the fictional world of steam punk (think of a way over the top version of Wild Wild West not to mention a white rabbit and Alice in Wonderland. As one might imagine, Klingons dominated the wedding party although an admiral from the Federation Star Fleet was also in attendance. Even the minister, Janet Stiles, was in Klingon garb.

words for the ceremony came from a wedding on the TV show where two Klingons were married, said Stiles, who really is a minister from Iowa and once married two people dressed as Japanese anime cartoon characters. Instead of hearing the usual vows spoken by earthlings, the witnesses heard phrases like, son of Edward, does your heart beat only for this woman? and we join together, no forces can stop us, although near the end was the more traditional statement, you may now kiss the bride. their fellow Klingons holding curved sharp edged bat swords high to form an archway, J and O bride and groom, stepped down from the stage where the ceremony had been held and made their way into the well wishers.

Julie said she and Kevin, both of Omaha, met years ago and shared a common love for the fictional world of the Star Trek characters. So when Kevin was involved in the planning of this year OSFEST, an idea occurred to him. thought, wouldn it be cool to have a Klingon wedding ceremony during all of this? said Julie. It was clearly an out of this world thought.

From Miss Deco: Let's just start with I am not a shoe girl. My usual rotation consists of Toms and flip flops. So when it came time to shop for wedding shoes I was a little worried that I wouldn't find anything I liked. Our wedding is set on the more formal side so I was trying to stay away from something too causal. As I am not too graceful, heals were immediately out of the picture for safety reasons. I started out finding two sandal options at Von Maurthat I thought had potential.

The first pair was a Grecian type and on sale! They fit great and would be excellent for an all day affair, but I was worried that then may seem too relaxed. Next, was a pair with some fun beading. These even included an ankle strap so that I wouldn't walk out of them. $98 was a little steep for me, but I figured this was the one day to splurge. As soon as I talked myself into that reasoning, I found out that they didn't have my size. Oh well, made that decision easy. Moving on, I soon found the perfect shoe! A Fitflop Lolla Danmark simple black flat with some silver and gold on the back and they even had an ankle strap and only $55 from DSW. Once I put them on, I was sold. And bonus, I can even wear them after the wedding :) Mr. Deco even approved and liked the fact that they were a closed toe just in case he stepped on my feet while dancing.

Looking back, I have no idea why I was so worried. This decision has been one of the easier ones since saying YES!

Side Note: Good thing I didn't by heals because I forgot to bring my shoes for my dress fitting out of town.

Is anyone else noticing America's favorite breakfast indulgence is suddenly becoming an ever popular, incredibly trendy dessert option? Donuts are taking over traditional cakes and cupcakes at events (especially weddings) all over the country. And why shouldn't they be offered for dessert?! They are DELICIOUS. Let's be honest, they are pretty fitting for an after dinner treat, they are as sweet as cake and look adorable at the same time. You just can't go wrong here everyone loves a good pastry.

Donuts make a perfect option for a cake alternative. Since they come in all different colors they can easily be tailored to fit your wedding's color palate. With the many different varieties available they are as good a crowd pleaser as wedding cake. Create a "Donut Bar" and suddenly you have an uber creative, with it dessert station. You could also leave take home boxes next to the desserts and send guests with breakfast for the morning (knowing very well almost NO one will wait until morning to eat them!).

With The Bachelorette on a different night, our week has been completely thrown off kilter. What day is it? Can it really be the end of July already? In case you missed it:

Tina Fineberg for The New York Times

The bride and her father; the groom and his mother.

Cry when you read this wedding story by OWH columnist Mike Kelly. Then, watch Mike, his daughter and her new husband talk about their incredible story on ABC World News Tonight at 5:30 this evening.

Drool over the birch wood details in this real Nebraska wedding.

Grab your mom and your maids and check out the gorgeous Jenny Yoo trunk show running today and tomorrowat Ready or Knot.

From Miss Deco: Using our five wedding colors, we made pillows for our wedding reception. They will go on the wonderfulDurhamMuseumbenches in the main lobby where our reception will be held and to go on lounge furniture in the ballroom, to tie the rooms together. That puts the final pillow count at 50!

We chose 6 fabrics in one shopping trip here inOmaha. With coupons and in store specials, the price wasn't too bad. Next was the hard part: Pillow Fills. Local stores had 14 pillow fills for $5 $10 each. Totally bummed that this fun project was going to cost way too much, I turned to the internet. A blog mentioned there are pillow fills at IKEA for $1.99.

Since IKEA wouldn't ship, my parents said they'd pick up all 50 fills from theMinneapolislocation on their long weekend there. The last step had turned out to be the easiest thanks to a co worker who specializes in quilting. She had Mr. Deco and I set up on an assembly line cutting and ironing the fabric while she sewed the pillow covers together. We were able to make 26 in 3 hours!! They are turning out better than I had hoped!!

These directions are for a 13" pillow form. Adjust size of pieces accordingly.

Place fabric pieces right sides together with backs overlapping and sew with a " seam

Right side out the pillow case and Fit onto pillow.

We are only 3 months til the BIG DAY and everything is s tarting to come together!!! All our crazy ideas, personal touches and hard work is really going to make our wedding unforgettable!

From Wedding Essentials Bride Blogger, Miss Heartland: By the Monday before our wedding, I was checking the 10 day forecast every hour and it was looking like a 30% chance of rain and 85 degrees, not too bad for an outdoor wedding. Our final projects were punching holes in 350 lemon leaves,rolling 350 napkins, finalizing flowers, getting final numbers to the caterers, contacting all of the vendors to make certain everything was on as planned, etc. On Wednesday I had a relaxing lunch with my fiance and one of his best friends from England, then went on to all my appointments: waxing, spray tanning, hair, and teeth cleaning. I wanted to make sure I was in tip top shape for the most important day of my life!

On Thursday the butterflies began. By then a few things had to be changed with the plans, but I promise you it didn do any good getting mad, it just made everyone else stressed out too. We quickly learned that the most important thing was still going to happen, Mike and I were going to be married in 2 days. My mother and our wedding planner, Juli, tackled all of the changes that were taking place in the background! Every bride needs a mom, a friend, and a wedding planner to help with any of the stressors that inevitably come up, no matter how much you've planned.

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